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Latest Publications

  • Douglas JA, Douglas A, McClelland RJ, Davies J. 2013. Understanding student satisfaction and dissatisfaction: an interpretive study in the UK higher education context. Studies in Higher Education. doi>
  • Wilson KM. 2013. House of Memories: The contextual value of museums in dementia care. Museums Association Conference & Exhibition. BT Convention Centre, Liverpool, UK.
  • Simon A and Douglas A. 2013. Integrating management systems: Does the location matter?. International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management, vol. 30(6), 675-689. doi>
  • Wilson KM. 2013. Instrumental Culture: the challenge of digitizing cultural values, experience and social impact. 39th International Conference on Social Theory, Politics & the Arts. Seattle University.
  • Wilson KM and Grindrod L. 2013. An evaluation of House of Memories dementia training programme: Northern Model. link>
  • Zhang L. 2013. Managing project changes: Case studies on stage iteration and functional interaction. International Journal of Project Management, vol. 31(7), 958-970. doi>
  • Ashton S, Jack B, Roe B, McClelland B. 2013. Advance care planning: Families'views. Journal of Dementia Care, vol. 21(5), 28-31.
  • Mujtaba BG, Cavico FJ, Williamson P, McClelland RJ. 2013. Bribery and Wealth in the ASEAN Community. In Capitalism and Its Challenges Across Borders: Perspectives from the Asian, African and American Continents. Mujtaba BG (Ed.). (20 vols.). ILEAD Academy. link>
  • Mujtaba BG, Williamson P, Cavico FJ, McClelland B. 2013. Managing the Link Between Bribery and Wealth Based on Corruption Perception Index (CPI) and Gross National Product (GNP) per Capita. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, vol. 14(3), 100-115.
  • Bell F, Fletcher G, Griffiths M, Greenhill A, McLean R. 2013. Science fiction prototypes: Visionary technology narratives between futures. Futures, vol. 50, 15-24. doi>

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