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Latest Publications

  • Kelly P and Cole GA. 2015. Management - Theory and Practice. (49 vols.). Cengage.
  • Mulhearn CJ. 2014. Growth versus austerity: the macroeconomy in a globalizing world. In The Business Environment. (16 vols.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Robins RV. 2014. Executive Coaching: A case Study in Local Government.
  • Zhang F, Zhang Z, Ding L, Zhang Z. 2014. Optimal Currency Composition for China‚Äôs Foreign Reserves: a Copula Approach. The World Economy. doi>
  • Mynott GJ. 2014. Skills for a visual future.
  • Agyei-Boapeah H. Does corporate diversification influence the debt financing constraints faced by UK overleveraged firms?. The 18th International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB) Conference. Roma TRE University, Rome, Italy.
  • Zhang F, Shi N, Sun X. 2014. Monetary Policy and Bank Liquidity in China. In Risk Management Post Financial Crisis: A Period of Monetary Easing. Batten JA and Wagner NF (Eds.). Emerald Group Pub Limited. doi>
  • Ashton SE, Roe B, Jack B, McClelland B. 2014. End of life care: The experiences of advance care planning amongst family caregivers of people with advanced dementia - A qualitative study. Dementia (London, England). doi>
  • Gandy RJ and Hennell M. 2014. Public ICT Procurement - Maximising Quality Whilst Minimising Risk. International Public Procurement Conference 2014_Book Of Proceedings, 581-590. Gandy R & Hennell M (2014) Public ICT Procurement - Maximising Quality Whilst Minimising Risk Paper for IPPC6.pdf link>
  • Foster S. 2014. An investigation into organisational commitment to spirituality in the workplace.

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