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Latest Publications

  • Groves CJ, Mendonca R, Parker A, Udo U. 2015. Student accounts of action learning on a DBA Programme: Learning Inaction. Action Learning: research and practice.
  • Valdivielso Del Real MR and Goyer M. 2015. “Asymmetric Adjustment and the Governance of the Eurozone Debt Crisis” A Complex Causation Perspective”. 22nd International Conference of Europeanists, Contradictions: Envisioning European Futures. Paris.
  • Valdivielso Del Real MR and Goyer M. 2015. “Eurozone Governance and the Asymmetric Distribution of the Cost of Adjustment: The Contingent Influence of the Ideas of Policy-Makers”. 27th Annual Conference of the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE), ‘Inequality in the 21st Century’. London School of Economics and Political Science. link>
  • Reed J and Richards A. Social Enterprises and the Development of Social, Human and Financial Capital. 7th International Social Innovation Research Conference. University of York.
  • Mynott GJ. 2015. Using participatory photography as an assessment method: the challenges. International Assessment in Higher Education Conference. Birmingham.
  • Papagiannis F. 2015. The Socratic Method in Entrepreneurial Dynamics and Business Modelling: A Curriculum Innovation. SM in BUSINESS.pdf
  • Zhang L, Zhang J, Duan Z-Y, Bryde D. 2015. Sustainable bike-sharing systems: Characteristics and commonalities across cases in urban China. Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 97, 124-133. doi>
  • Kok SK and McDonald C. 2015. Underpinning excellence in higher education – an investigation into the leadership, governance and management behaviours of high-performing academic departments. Studies in Higher Education. doi> link>
  • Griggs V, Rae J, Holden R, Lawless A. 2015. Professional learning in human resource management: problematising the teaching of reflective practice. Studies in Continuing Education, 202-217. Griggs et al 2015.pdf doi>
  • Scotto G. 2015. From ‘emigrants’ to ‘Italians’: what is new in Italian migration to London?. Modern Italy, vol. 20(2), 153-165. doi>

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