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Latest Publications

  • Papagiannis F. 2015. The Socratic Method in Entrepreneurial Dynamics and Business Modelling: A Curriculum Innovation. SM in BUSINESS.pdf
  • Kelly P and Cole GA. 2015. Management - Theory and Practice. (49 vols.). Cengage. link>
  • Agyei-Boapeah H. 2014. Cross-border acquisitions and financial leverage of UK acquirers. Accounting Forum. Manuscript - AF - Mar.15.pdf doi>
  • Analogbei MA. 2015. Retail Entry Strategies for emerging markets - Cost and Institutional dynamics. (8 Chapters vols.). Germany: Scholars press. link>
  • Di Cristo N and Hickman J. 2014. Immigrant women's Identity and Integration: Liverpool, "The World in One City". The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Civic and Political Studies, vol. 8(3-4), 15. Immigrant women in Liverpool.pdf link>
  • Teso E, Eden J, Martinez Torres R, Gonzalez Limon M. Comparing the Gender Pay Gap in Spain and the UK (2008-2012). The Economic and Labour Relations Review.
  • Foster S. 2014. Evaluating Virtuality in Teams: A Conceptual Model.
  • Mulhearn CJ. 2014. Growth versus austerity: the macroeconomy in a globalizing world. In The Business Environment. (16 vols.). Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Bishop HJ. 2014. Spatial Distribution and Location of Catholic Mass Rock Sites in the Diocese of Cork and Ross, County Cork, Ireland. Geographies of Religions and Belief Systems, vol. 4(1), 40-78. link> link>
  • Robins RV. 2014. Executive Coaching: A case Study in Local Government.

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