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Latest Publications

  • Shaffakat S, Otaye-Ebede LE, Reb J, Chandwani R, Vongswasdi P. Acting but Not Reacting: Role of Mindfulness in Moderating the PCV – Deviance Relationship.
  • Valdivielso Del Real MR. 2017. 'International Institutions and Supranational Influence in Employment Relations'. In The Routledge Companion to Employment Relations. Colvin, A, Donaghey J, Dunton T (Eds.). (Junne 2017 ed.). London: Routledge. link>
  • Otaye-Ebede LE. Exploring the Lived Experiences of Black, Asian Ethic Minority ‘Success Outliers’ in the UK: A Storytelling Perspective.
  • Duarte Alonso A and Alexander N. 2017. Craft Beer Tourism Development “Down Under”: Perspectives of Two Stakeholder Groups. Tourism Planning and Development, 1-18. Accepted version - APJML - Draft.pdf doi>
  • Basir SA, Davies J, Douglas J, Douglas A. 2017. The influence of academic culture on quality management system ISO 9001 maintenance within Malaysian universities. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, vol. 39(3), 320-340. doi>
  • Papagiannis F. 2017. Chapter Title: An Ontologically innovative Design of CSR Strategies: Enabling Value added Institutional Collaborations. (13 vols.). Palgrave MacMillan. doi>
  • Sparrow P and Otaye-Ebede LE. 2017. HRM and productivity. In A Research Agenda for Human Resource Management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.
  • Groves CJ. 2017. Assessing entrepreneurs: Is it possible to pick a winner?. British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Conference. Liverpool, UK.
  • Valdivielso del Real R. 2017. Governing Sustainability: Some Challenge Ahead. In Sustainable Development Research at Universities in the United Kingdom Approaches, Methods and Projects. (22 vols.). London: Springer International Publishing AG 2017. 431835_1_En_10_Chapter_OnlinePDF.pdf doi> link>
  • Kelly PP. 2017. Business Management in Practice. (12 vols.). Icsa Publishing Limited. link>

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