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Latest Publications

  • Groves CJ. 2017. Assessing entrepreneurs: Is it possible to pick a winner?. British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Conference. Liverpool, UK.
  • Kelly PP. 2017. Business Management in Practice. (12 vols.). Icsa Publishing Limited. link>
  • Kok SK. 2016. Departmental Dynamics – Examining how best to develop academic careers.
  • Wongweeranonchai P and McClelland RJ. 2016. The Influence of Perceived Celebrity Endorser Credibility in Advertising on Purchase Intention of Thai Consumers. Journal of Communication and Innovation, vol. 3(2). link>
  • Bishop HJ. 2016. Mass Sites of Uíbh Laoghaire. Journal of Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, vol. 121, 36-63.
  • Kok SK and O'Brien S. 2016. Student Development - Examining Critical Understanding from the student’s point-of-view. SBC 10th Anniversary Conference and Inaugural Annual Conference. Shanghai, China.
  • Akwei CA. 2016. Stakeholders approach to developing higher level order dynamic capabilities. Strategic Management Society Conference. Miami.
  • Groves CJ. 2016. Harry Potter and the Scholar-Practitioner. link>
  • Papagiannis F, Kok S, Michaelides Z. 2016. The case of Thessaloniki's branding: Constructing social networking and CSE. The 5th International Conference on Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Sustainable Business. Milan, Italy.
  • Coates J and Vickerman PB. 2016. Paralympic Legacy: Exploring the Impact of the Games on the Perceptions of Young People With Disabilities. Adapt Phys Activ Q, vol. 33(4), 338-357. link> doi>

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