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Latest Publications

  • Groves CJ. 2017. Assessing entrepreneurs: Is it possible to pick a winner?. British Psychological Society Division of Occupational Psychology Conference. Liverpool, UK.
  • Kelly PP. 2017. Business Management in Practice. (12 vols.). Icsa Publishing Limited. link>
  • Kok SK. 2016. Departmental Dynamics – Examining how best to develop academic careers.
  • Bishop HJ. 2016. Mass Sites of Uíbh Laoghaire. Journal of Cork Historical and Archaeological Society, vol. 121, 36-63. Mass Sites of Uíbh Laoghaire.pdf
  • Akwei CA. 2016. Stakeholders approach to developing higher level order dynamic capabilities. Strategic Management Society Conference. Miami.
  • Wongweeranonchai P and McClelland RJ. 2016. The Influence of Perceived Celebrity Endorser Credibility in Advertising on Purchase Intention of Thai Consumers. NIDA Case Research Journal. link>
  • Papagiannis F and Michaelides Z. 2016. The case of Thessaloniki's branding: Constructing social networking and CSE. Building Social Networking and CSR The Case of Thessalonikis Branding-article-v2 1.docx
  • Gandy R, Bell A, McClelland B, Roe B. 2016. Evaluating the delivery, impact, costs and benefits of an active lives programme for older people living in the community. Primary Health Care Research and Development, 1-13. PHC-D-15-00063_R2.pdf doi>
  • Akwei CA. 2016. Mitigating Election Violence and Intimidation in Ghana: A Political Stakeholder Engagement Approach. 4th University of Ghana Business School International Conference. University of Ghana, Accra.
  • Brown J. 2016. Exploring cultural leadership ecosystems and their role in urban regeneration. Naples Forum on Service. University of Naples "Federico II", Italy. Abstract- CulturalLeadershipEcosystemsAndUrbanRegeneration.docx

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