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Latest Publications

  • Kelly PP. 2017. Business Management in Practice. (12 vols.). Icsa Publishing Limited. link>
  • Kok SK. 2016. Departmental Dynamics – Examining how best to develop academic careers.
  • Akwei CA. 2016. Stakeholders approach to developing higher level order dynamic capabilities. Strategic Management Society Conference. Miami.
  • Foster S and Pimor A. 2016. Integrating spirituality in the workplace. BASS (British Association for the Study of Spirituality. Manchester. Abstract Multi faith perceptions.docx
  • Kelly P, McClelland RJ, Nawaz M. 2016. The importance of context when reforming public organizations: Pakistan puts a ‘TOE’ in the water. Development and Change. link>
  • Papagiannis F. Corporate Social Responsibility in the Post Financial Crisis - CSR conceptualisations and international practices in times of uncertainty. (vol. !st). Palgrave Macillan. Reviewed-An Ontologically Innovative Design of CSR Strategies-No author.pdf
  • Papagiannis F. 2016. Internationalising the Curriculum in Liverpool Business School: A Review for International Student Engagement. Teaching and Learning 2016. LJMU, Liverpool, UK.
  • Foster S and Simcock P. 2016. Changing Aspects of Spirituality:Finding Common Ground between Employees and Employers. Diversity in Organizations Communities and Nations. Granada. link>
  • Gandy RJ, Bell A, McClelland RJ, Roe B. 2016. Evaluating the Delivery, Impact and Cost-Benefits of an Active Lives Programme for Older People Living in the Community. Primary Health Care Research & Development. PHC-S-15-00081-Original_Submission-Editor-Author_Version.pdf link>

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